intransitive "hail as" = 'be; count as'

Sean Fitzpatrick grendel.jjf at VERIZON.NET
Wed Apr 21 03:32:31 UTC 2004

It seemed to me that the uses of "hail" found by Mark A.  Mandel meant "lay claim to", "be recognized as", "be considered to be", "hold the  position/office/title of"?

There is this entry for intransitive "hail" meaning "report or declare oneself" in the Century Dictionary, Vol. IV, Page 2681 (The Century Co., New York, 1895)  ( :
II. intrans. To offer or exchange greeting or tidings; report or declare one's self. 
"They [the ships] came all together, with friendly salutations and gratulations one to an other: which they terme by the name of Hayling: a ceremonie done solemnly, and in verie good order, with sound of Trumpets and noyse of cheereful voyces. " Hakluyt's Voyages, L 609. 

Unfortunately, the dictionary has no example of the reflexive construction; and there are no reflexive uses in Marks sample.

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