Cubby--girlfriend/boyfriend (for pre-schoolers)

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Apr 22 19:50:35 UTC 2004

On Apr 22, 2004, at 5:23 AM, David Bowie wrote:

> ...I haven't heard cubby, but my 3yo and nearly-5yo daughters report a
> distinction between boyfriend/girlfriend and kissyboy/kissygirl.
> Kissing
> doesn't seem to be involved with either of them, and b/gfriend seems
> to be
> more serious, at least in that you actually *talk* to the person and
> tell
> them you like them repeatedly, while b/gfriend appears to involve
> agreeing
> that you like each other and then ignoring each other.
> I remember reading a thing in some anthropological journal 7 or 8
> years ago
> that pled for researchers to start working on the cultural
> anthropology of
> children. It seems to me that someone could do something decent on the
> *linguistic* anthropology side just with children's "romantic"
> friendship
> terms.

the cultural anthropology of children *certainly* needs working on, and
david bowie's observations about his daughters' usages are relevant.
but i'm not sure the original observation (about "cubby") is; isn't
"cubby" an invention by teachers, specifically to replace the
children's terms (which were felt to be inappropriately "adult")?

interestingly, "cubby" isn't sex-marked, though "boyfriend/girlfriend"
are.  so what "cubby" marks, vs. "friend", is other-sex vs. same-sex.
the teachers apparently believe agree with the kids that this is an
important distinction for the kids to make.  so there is some kid (and
adult) culture at work here.

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