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I've heard "catskinner" used in the Rocky Mountains
for at least the last 20 to 25 years:  Cat operator.
To me, "catskinner" refers more specifically to a
bulldozer operator - a "dozer" operator - but can
refer to an operator of any heavy equipment.  And not
necessarily just Caterpillar brand, although some
speakers may be indicating brand (and national) pride
and loyalty.

--- Wilson Gray <hwhwgrayAEARTHLINKET> wrote:
> ?"CaCatskinner= operator of a Caterpillar or similar
> brand of
> roroadgradere.g. KoKotatsubased on traditional
> "muleskinner" = driver
> of a multiple-mule team, once used for a
> more-or-less similar purpose
> in road construction?
> New to me. Never heard it before, never read it
> before, in nearly 65
> years of native competence in American English of
> Texas, Louisiana,
> Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, California,
> Massachusetts, and
> Pennsylvania. Jeez, Jim! HoHow'dou let that one slip
> out of you
> unannotated?;-) I'm a cat-fancier and you can
> imagine the picture that
> entered my mind when I saw this word.
> -Wilson Gray

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