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        Here's an early use in the Washington Post, Mar. 25, 1951, by Eddie (WTOP) Gallagher:  "This has been quite a year for new stars.  Guy Mitchell looks like the next big thing among the male vocalists."

        The phrase is probably older than that.  Here's an earlier article, from the Washington Post on Feb. 4, 1918, though it arguably is not the same next big thing:  "The coming of the Americans to France is going to do as much for the American as it is for the Frenchman.  To fight is his big purpose, to rebuild the havoc the Huns have wrought is the next big thing."

John Baker

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>Might anyone have any thoughts as to the origin of "the next big thing"? Or
>any guesses as to what the first "big thing" was? I'm researching the
>phrase for an upcoming On Language column....
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>Elizabeth Phillips

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