Antedating of "booby hatch"-nautical 1806

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Apr 25 00:25:51 UTC 2004

Here is "booby hatch" from the Gale 18th century collection: some kind of a
carriage, I guess.


James Graham, _A new, plain and rational treatise on the true nature and
uses of the Bath waters_ (1789/1790), p. 23:

<<-- they languish in hot, stagnant, and contaminated air, both in public
and in private places; and squeezing into a little black box, which is
called properly enough a Booby-hatch, they are carried into a little dark,
hot, and humid subterraneous place near the bath; ....>>


'Two English gentlemen', _A tour through Ireland_ (1748), p. 142:

<<POOR JACOB spent most of his Time in cursing the Booby Hatch, as he
called it: _Wauns! did ever Mon see sick a Thing?_ I must own, Cousin, the
first I saw of this kind of Vehicle surprized me as much as JACOB. They are
hung high for the Ease of the Horse, not the Rider. The Driver is seated
upon a thing like a Stool, with his Back-side near your Mouth, and a Foot
upon each Shaft, ....>>


-- Doug Wilson

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