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Muleskinner Blues is just a tad older than has been suggested.

It was written by Jimmie Rodgers and George Vaughn and originally called
"Blue Yodel #8 (Muleskinner Blues)".

The words are:
  Well it's good morning captain
  Good morning shine
  Do you need another muleskinner
  Out on your new mud line

  I like to work
  I'm rolling all the time
  I can pop my initials
  On a mule's behind

  Hey little water boy
  Bring that water round
  If you don't like your job
  Set that water bucket down

  Workin' on the good road
  Dollar and a half a day
  My good girl's waiting on a Saturday night
  Just to draw my pay

  I'm going to town, honey
  What you want me to bring you back?
  Bring a pint of booze
  And a John B Stetson hat

  I smell your bread a-burning
  Turn your damper down
  If you ain't got a damper, good gal
  Turn your bread around

  My grandfather, BTW was a muleskinner in the coal mines so I never recall
a time when I did not know what the term meant.

  Page Stephens

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> Wilson Gray wrote:
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> Thanks, Jim! BTW, do you recall the song, "Muleskinner Blues," by The
> Fendermen, I believe, from ca. 1960? (Rhetorical question. No reply
> needed or expected.) Now that you mention it, I do recall Larry
> Nivens's catskinners as though it was only yesterday. Sigh! Time flies,
> whether you're having fun or not.
> -Wilson
>         <<<
> I happened to stumble across the exact reference while looking up
> something else: "Catskinner" by Niven & Stirling.
> -- Mark E. Mandel

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