marsh-mallow paste(1857)

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>From The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English
Language: Fourth Edition.  2000.

"marshmallow ....  b. A confection of sweetened paste,
formerly made from the root of the marshmallow
plant... (Althaea officinalis) native to Europe and
naturalized in marshes of eastern North America..."

I read (I can't find the source right now!) that the
sweetened marsh mallow paste could be whipped into an
emulsion, which I imagined as being somewhat similar
to a meringue or modern marshmallow cream.

--- Sam Clements <SClements at NEO.RR.COM> wrote:
> OED has 1883 for 'marshmallow' as a confection.
> 17 Jan. 1857  _Ft. Wayne(IN) Sentinel_   4/4
> An advertisement using NewspaperArchive
> <<Marsh-Mallow Paste--Jujube Paste--Lemon, Rose,
> Banana, Pine-Apple-Liquorice.  Hourhound(sic),
> Wild-Cherry and Iceland Moss Gum Drops for
> ???(obscured)
> -------Apothecaries Hall>>
> I realize that this isn't what we know as the
> marshmallow today.  I think, from reading an 1880
> cite that they made 'drops' out of it before the
> modern marshmallow.
> Sam Clements

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