1913 slang "gazipe"

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sat Jan 24 00:25:46 UTC 2004

>My particular interest now is "gazipe", which the article's author
>attributes to St. Louis and which seems to mean "the latest slang."

I don't think that's necessarily what it means, although I find this
article hard to follow.

Here's a clearer item, at Newspaperarchive, from St. Louis, carried in the
_Sheboygan Press_ (Sheboygan WI) on 25 March 1913 (p. 4, col. 2):
"'Gazipe,' Latest Term for a Wood Pile Denizen". Here "gazipe" is equated
to (besides the woodpile denizen) "joker" or "stinger", i.e., a problematic
point in a contract. It is said to be of theatrical origin.

Reminiscent, I think, of "gazabo", "gazooney", "gazoopus", etc., and
particularly of "gazump" = "swindle" ... IF the article is reasonably accurate.

-- Doug Wilson

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