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Wed Jun 2 17:56:59 UTC 2004

today's Fresh Air had a long interview with Donna Brazill (Al Gore's
campaign manager in 2000).  interesting sociolinguistically, since
she's a public and powerful woman who's preserved lots of features of
informal southern AAVE: piles of -in', medial glottal stop in "sudden"
as well as "didn't", the occasional unmarked 3rd sg present, etc.
stunning contrast to, say, Condi Rice.

along the way, she talked about the "heroes and sheroes" of the civil
rights movement.  "shero" isn't in our archives (though some of you
might already have collected it).  there are a fair number of shero
sites on the web -- feminist, african american, often both.  a small

Sistapower - Shero - Highlighting an African American Shero

My Shero: Mature Lesbians Making a Difference

Who is YOUR Shero?

Black Women Today - Shero of the Week

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