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Fri Jun 4 02:50:13 UTC 2004

At 5:36 PM -0400 6/2/04, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
>This is a great word!

...and one presumably necessitated by the taboo-avoidance of "heroine."

(As for Donna Brazile, her name was regularly pronounced like the
quasi-eponymous country's, back during the 2000 campaign.)


>At 10:56 AM 6/2/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>>today's Fresh Air had a long interview with Donna Brazill (Al Gore's
>>campaign manager in 2000).  interesting sociolinguistically, since
>>she's a public and powerful woman who's preserved lots of features of
>>informal southern AAVE: piles of -in', medial glottal stop in "sudden"
>>as well as "didn't", the occasional unmarked 3rd sg present, etc.
>>stunning contrast to, say, Condi Rice.
>>along the way, she talked about the "heroes and sheroes" of the civil
>>rights movement.  "shero" isn't in our archives (though some of you
>>might already have collected it).  there are a fair number of shero
>>sites on the web -- feminist, african american, often both.  a small
>>Sistapower - Shero - Highlighting an African American Shero
>>My Shero: Mature Lesbians Making a Difference
>>Who is YOUR Shero?
>>Black Women Today - Shero of the Week
>>arnold (zwicky at

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