dirty words in dictionaries

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Jun 4 03:50:00 UTC 2004

>I have only seen IRRUMATION used in English in the sense of 'present the
>penis or breast for someone to suck'. This is a very handy word to
>have available,
>since there is no other word (that I can think of) that means that! Of
>course, it is not a word that one normally has occasion to use.
>I have never seen IRRUMATE used in English to mean 'fuck the mouth', but
>maybe I've just missed it.
>I don't find either IRRUMATE or IRRUMATION in any of the English dictionaries
>that are on my desk at the moment.

There are "about 46" hits for _irrrumate_ on google, some of which
are from (admittedly obscure) lexicons.  Three on Nexis, including
this delightful excerpt from a Times (of London) book review:

November 1, 1990, Thursday
HEADLINE: Titter ye not, O Aves Spinae
BYLINE: Peter Jones

THE FIRST MAN IN ROME, By Colleen McCullough, Century, Pounds 14.95.

...But filing-cabinets are not literature. The 100-page index that
accompanies the work, with its glossary of technical terms, maps, and
guides to pronunciation (pilum: pee-loom) reinforces the point. This,
she says, is evidence of her ''scholarship''; but who cares about her
''scholarship''? She is writing a novel, not a text-book (and she
thinks that a fellator irrumates and vice-versa, which does not give
one much confidence in her ''scholarship'' either).


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