"Pop-Pop" revisited

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Fri Jun 4 11:57:13 UTC 2004

Somehow I missed the original--so, as quoted by James A. Landau:

Joan Houston Hall wrote:

: There's a nice map in Volume IV of DARE showing "pop-pop" to be found
: chiefly in PA, NJ, DE, MD.

I'm from Southern Maryland, and "pop-pop" is, for me, a *great*-grandfather
(I had three living ones during my childhood). "Granddaddy" is my word for a

For completeness, my word for a grandmother is "grandmommy" (though the
younger of my sisters, in an act of what she explicitly describes as
linguistic rebellion, calls her "grandmama"), and my ggmothers were all

Interestingly, my ggfathers were differentiated by last name (with the one
who lived 200 feet down the road being unmarked by name), while my
ggmothers, gmothers, and gfathers were not differentiated with names at all.
(Relationship+first name was the system used for most of my relatives,
except cousins, who were first name only.)

TMI or an interesting linguistic note? Y'all be the judges...

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