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   "Great Communicator" was the popular nickname of the late President Ronald
Reagan.  Was it coined for Ronald Reagan in THE NEW YORK TIMES?  Was it
coined for Marshall McLuhan in THE NEW YORK TIMES?

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1       Ronald Reagan : the wisdom and humour of the Great Communicator /
edited by Frederick J. Ryan Jr.     1995
2       Ronald Reagan : the great communicator / Kurt Ritter and David Henry
; foreword by Bernard K. Duffy.      1992
3       The Reagan presidency : an actor's finest performance / Wilbur Edel.
4       The great communicator / by Jim Borgman ; with an introduction by
Susan Stamberg.     c1985

Post Crescent - 2/1/1976
...and not caught on. Ronald REAGAN is GREAT 'COMMUNICATOR. Eastern liberals
be.....making a GREAT mistake if they underestimate..
Appleton, Wisconsin Sunday, February 01, 1976  574 k
Pg. B-2, col. 3, "Your guide to cliches for '76" by Russell Baker:
Q:  Would you tell us the appropriate phrases for uttering about the other
candidates during conversations about the campaign?
A:  Gladly.  When referring to Birch Bayh, the appropriate phrase is "the
Hoosier Democrat."  Senator Jackson "lacks charisma" and "has not caught on."
Ronald Reagan is "a great communicator."

Chronicle Telegram - 6/21/1981
...cutting plan. REAGAN'S SKILLS as "the GREAT COMMUNICATOR" will be used
again.....the bridge is there or not. I think a GREAT many of us would like to
see the..
Elyria, Ohio Sunday, June 21, 1981  502 k

Mountain Democrat - 8/14/1981
...called President Ronald REAGAN a "GREAT COMMUNICATOR and a GREAT man..
Placerville, California Friday, August 14, 1981  280 k

Chronicle Telegram - 12/9/1981
...Behind his back, they call him the GREAT COMMUNICATOR. Anyway,
Congress.....administration. President Ronald REAGAN began his tenure in office by..
Elyria, Ohio Wednesday, December 09, 1981  455 k

Frederick Post - 12/27/1983
...The magazine dubbed REAGAN "the GREAT COMMUNICATOR" who gained the.....Dan
Poole, auctioneer, manager. REAGAN, Andropov 'men of the year' Super..
Frederick, Maryland Tuesday, December 27, 1983  526 k

    1.  Sp. cons. subcom legislative oversight U.S. Ho. of Reps., et al;
WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA. With World Notables. A Biographical Dictionary of Notable
Living Men and Women. 2,563 pp. Chicago: Marquis-Who's Who. $29.75 from the
publisher, $35 at bookstores. Sp. cons., et al
By MARVIN KITMAN. New York Times (1857-Current. Jun 23, 1968. p. BR2 (4
First page:  For a sketch-writer who did the piece about Marshall McLuhan,
the "communications specialist" on page 2,505, there also must have been a sense
of real achievement.  Her biography was clearer than anything the great
communicator ever wrote.

    2.  Magazines Woo Agencies' Creative Men
By PHILIP H. DOUGHERTY. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.:
Oct 19, 1969. p. F18 (1 page):
   He said agency people were quite willing to recognize that the
(Reader's-ed.) Digest is a great communicator, and often he finds them eager to learn
some of the magazine's editorial techniques.

    3.  Woman as a Groaning Board
By ANATOLE BROYARD. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Apr
10, 1972. p. 33 (1 page):
   The love instructors, the poets of the bedroom, the great communicators,
are often divorces with no wish to remarry.

    4.  Students Discover America; Foreign Students Find More Than Violence,
Wealth Here
By Jane Seaberry Washington Post Staff Writer. The Washington Post
(1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: Aug 8, 1974. p. G1 (2 pages)
Second page (G3, col. 3):  She said games and music are great communicators.

    5.  Wisdom Of the Sages
By Russell Baker. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jan 27,
1976. p. 29 (1 page)
(See Newspaperarchive, above--ed.)

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