Dirty word fragments

Duane Campbell dcamp911 at JUNO.COM
Mon Jun 7 02:25:29 UTC 2004

In the past, broadcast channels and radio have bleeped out offensive
words. I notice more recently, though, that such words are only clipped.
For example, an NPR show today had an interviewee repeatedly used the
word "assho[bleep]". I found it interesting that the "ass" part was
acceptable, even "assho", but there seemed to be something offensive
about the final consonant.

Offensive words are increasingly allowed to play themselves out to the
extent that they are perfectly recognizable with only a small piece
clipped off.  Why can we bear assho[bleep] but would assumedly be greatly
offended by asshole? Does this fool children who may be listening? Are
our broadcasters following primitive taboo customs?

Higher budget operations don't bleep, they dub. I watch Die Hard With a
Vengeance on broadcast channels just for the joy of hearing Samuel L.
Jackson call Bruce Willis a "dirty melon farmer."


I am Duane Campbell and I approve this message

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