Late to/for his own funeral (1881); C. O., Early American Newspapers

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EARLY AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS--I'm dying for that first American _sandwich_!
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C.O.--In real estate-obsessed New York City, it will always mean "Certificate
of Occupancy."


   Today (Friday) is Ronald Reagan's funeral.  I heard this phrase used; I
haven't yet checked for it on the American Periodical Series database.

   Bangor Daily Whig And Courier    Saturday, March 12, 1881 Bangor, Maine .would .manage to be LATE FOR YOUR OWN FUNERAL." J'That would not
depend.....orir destination I never was exactly LATE, but I often, made by the

 Evening Observer   Friday, October 12, 1883 Dunkirk, New York would manage to be LATE FOR YOUR OWN FUNERAL." ''That would not
depend.....have convinced him of being just too LATE FOR once, I should have

   Manitoba Free Press  Monday, June 19, 1922 Winnipeg, Manitoba
...J Man Arrives Several Days LATE FOR HIS OWN FUNERAL June18. J. H. find he was several days LATE FOR OWN funeial. The body of. a..

   Sheboygan Press  Thursday, June 13, 1935 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
...1898 "He's so slow he'll be LATE TO HIS OWN FUNERAL." Just So You Know
And.....a judgment in Keeping w'1" j outh wore HIS hat on the back of HIS creTr..

   Zanesville Signal    Sunday, December 20, 1936 Zanesville, Ohio
...Kas., Dec. 19 W) A raaa was LATE to HIS OWN FUNERAL here. The
Methodist.....Fifth Street Phone 131 MAN IS LATE FOR HIS OWN FUNERAL Russell..

   Sheboygan Press  Monday, February 07, 1938 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
...on it. Nifty, 1898 "He'll be LATE TO HIS OWN FUNERAL." Add Observations
An.....because of HIS sincerity, HIS courage, HIS industry, HIS
level-headedness, HIS..

 Tri City Herald    Thursday, January 31, 1957 Pasco, Washington
...FOR Kennewick, may not be LATE FOR HIS OWN FUNERAL, but he wasn't HIS favor, FOR the reason behind HIS tardiness lay in HIS efFORt to..
 News Journal   Tuesday, September 21, 1971 Mansfield, Ohio
...up to the cliche, "He'd be LATE FOR HIS OWN FUNERAL." And imagine the joy
of.....t go one step further and throw HIS OWN FUNERAL. Psychiatrists have

BY WILL ROGERS. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jun 17,
1923. p. XX2 (1 page):
      _Funeral Speedsters._
   Then they show the Modern Hearses, which go so fast they killed more
people than they carried.  You know we don't stop to realize it now, but in the old
days it was nothing for a man to be late to his own Funeral.

P G Wodehouse. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.:
Jun 2, 1929. p. I1 (10 pages)

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