one...two...three... mum

Patty Davies patty at CRUZIO.COM
Fri Jun 11 22:08:03 UTC 2004

Hello David - I have a 13 year old daughter who walked in the room when
your message came up ;)  She says she has heard of this game at her middle
school but that 'it is not played with a ball, but different objects'.  We
are on the west coast.


At 08:53 AM 6/11/04, you wrote:
>I just came upon a group of middle school students playing a game of catch
>involving 6 or 8 players.  I don't have my normal resources at hand.  Is
>this a well-documented term...  "1, 2, 3, mum"?  The players are not
>allowed to speak or drop the ball on pain of expulsion from the round of
>the game.
>barnhart at

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