"Famous for being famous" (1973)

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FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS--3,380 Google hits,   1,470 Google Groups hits
"Paris Hilton--who is famous, well, for being famous--returns to TV this week 
in 'The SImple Life 2: Road Trip.'"
--NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 13 June 2004, pg. 3, col. 1.
   Fred Shapiro probably has this.  Either Andy Warhol said it or it was said 
of Andy Warhol.  I couldn't easily find an exact citation.
   8:30 a.m.-8 p.m. of parking tickets in the Bronx for a guy who once solved 
"the Big Apple."  Meanwhile, my multi-millionaire ex-wife, now married to 
someone else, "famous for being famous," stars in GIGLI.  

Matt & Andrej Koymasky - Famous GLTB - Andy Warhol... Joe Dallesandro and 
Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol, is the supposed inventor of "famous for being famous
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Emeril's Miami Beach - Emeril Lagasse Comes to South Beach... had great 
God-given talent; Andy Warhol had a smidgen of talent and a great marketing sense. 
He invented the phrase “famous for being famous.” And now we ... 
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CHP (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)... Celebrity is the TV-era 
phenomenon that sees people as newsworthy only because they are, in Andy Warhol's 
memorable phrase, "famous for being famous." So TV ... 
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SOFT CELL... Everyone knows Warhol’s quote ‘famous for 15 minutes’, but the 
other Warhol quote that people should rediscover is ‘famous for being famous’
. ... 
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Canadian Fundie Digest (est. 27/04/04)... Celebrity is the TV-era phenomenon 
that sees people as newsworthy only because they are, in Andy Warhol?s 
memorable phrase, ?famous for being famous.? ... 
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Popdirt.com - Jennifer Lopez Is Famous For Being Famous
... Vote for us by visiting the following top site: O-Town. Jennifer Lopez Is 
For Being Famous Posted on Wednesday, November 13 @ 23:09:15 PST by MusicMan. 
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Today's Top 10: Britney Spears, Byonce, Clay Aiken...
... And then there's Jennifer Lopez Her movies have done terribly recently, 
the music
is ... She's becoming sort of like Zsa Zsa Gabor -- famous for being famous. 
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The MacMinute Café: J-Who?
... J-Who? Ok...Why is Jennifer Lopez in the news so much? Seriously? Why ... 
Aside from being famous for being famous, why all the noise? ... 
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Kin's Kouch: Famous for being famous
... January 21, 2004. Famous for being famous. Hey, Adam! I'll meet you
at the corner of Paris Hilton Boulevard and Nicole Richie Avenue. ... 
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The Daily Nugget - Paris Hilton Sex Tape Review
... The media says that the video is going to hurt Paris's career, but
I ask, "what career?" This girl is just famous for being famous. ... 
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Paris Hilton fan page, stolen sex video download
... eyes, like if you have confidence, and you're a nice person and sweet, 
and you're
funny, I think that's sexy." --Paris Claim to Fame: Famous for being famous. 
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    1.  Arts-the One Stable Currency
By Eric Larrabee. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Sep 2, 
1973. p. 145 (1 page):
   Perhaps this point is worth elaborating.  The present period is one which 
puts peculiar emphasis on image and personality.  We even have a concept 
called "celebrity," which consists in being famous for being famous.  In the 
atmosphere this breeds it is not surprising that honest achievement at something 
truly difficult becomes unusually rare and admirable.
   _Eric Larrabee is executive director of the New York State Council on the 
Arts.  This article was excerpted from a talk at the Memorial Art Gallery in 
    2.  Television: The Role Of the 'Anchorman'
David Brinkley. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: 
Apr 1, 1974. p. A22 (1 page)   
    3.  Television: The Role Of the 'Anchorman'
David Brinkley. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: 
Apr 8, 1974. p. A22 (1 page):
   I believe the television anchorman becomes famous, but not for his power 
to influence uncritical masses of people, and not for his ability to change the 
social or political order or to elect a candidate or defeat one.  So what is 
he famous for?  Mainly, he is famous for being famous.
    4.  Writers and Sports: In This League, Pete Rose Outhits Gustave 
By JOHN LEONARD. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Oct 30, 
1975. p. 52 (1 page):
      _Whole World Watching_
   Why?  Of the many good writers who slum in sports, Mr. (Wilfrid--ed.) 
Sheed is most explicit in extenuations.  Celebrityhood, he suggests--the quality 
of being famous for being famous--ought to be pondered in its manifold 
    5.  STAGE VIEW; 'Anne Frank' Shouldn't Be 'Quentin Crisp' STAGE VIEW 'An 
Evening With Quentin Crisp' 
WALTER KERR. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jan 7, 1979. 
p. D3 (2 pages):
   He (Quentin Crisp--ed.) belabors the proposition that there are fashions 
in ideas as well as in clothes (was there ever a time when that wasn't 
self-evident?) and is not above borrowing stock phrases ("Andy Warhol is famous for 
being famous").
    6.  Bogie's Widow Famous For Being Famous; Bogie's Widow Famous For Being 
RICHARD COHEN. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington, D.C.: Jan 
25, 1979. p. C1 (2 pages)   

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