Different Language?

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Wed Jun 16 15:51:05 UTC 2004

Am I the only cynic who thought this was just an attempt to draw web
site traffic from people on this list and not a valid language-related

My response would be:

It's not much linked to by other web sites. Where it is linked or
listed in site directories, it's found on German-language web sites.
Therefore, it will rarely, if ever, come up anywhere near the top on an
English-language Google search, since Google rankings are based upon a
network of trust: the more people that link to your site, the higher
your site shows up in the results. Google is the dominant American
search tool of choice, so you need to take whatever legitimate steps
you can to increase your results there.

Make sure as many sites as possible link to yours. I would steer clear
of "top sites" listings, which are stupid scams, pimples on the hairy
butt of the Internet, and usually discounted by Google in its
algorithm. Don't spam. Just politely ask other web admins to link to
your site. Make sure it's listed in Google, Excite, Yahoo, etc. Make
sure it is listed in the English-language web directories. Make sure it
is linked to from English-language sites which have similar interests
to yours. Make sure you submit the link to the English-language page,
not to the main German-language page.

There is relatively little indexable text on the first English page.
You need to have clear descriptions of what the site is about, using
words you think people might be searching for.  Add more descriptive
text. Right away I would say you need the words "Mercedes" and/or
"Benz" before every model number, and anywhere else. Those model
numbers are not enough for people to search on. So when you write
"W116" you should change it to "Mercedes W116" or "Mercedes-Benz W116."
Also, consider beefing up your English text. The more there is, the
more times it will come up in a web search.



On Jun 16, 2004, at 07:34, zwoachzig.de - Der Webmaster wrote:

> Dear Members
> I am going to
> translate my site http://www.zwoachzig.de (it's a classic car
> enthusiast site) into several languages. After finishing the upload
> and calling the search engines I wondered, why a lot of british user
> visit my site quite frequently, but even no american user. What could
> the reason be?
> I searched for hints to me, what the different is between american
> english and british english. During this search I found your site, but
> in the end I found no answer. May you help me?
> Best regards
> Bernd

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