More food-based slang

Wilson Gray hwgray at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Jun 17 02:05:35 UTC 2004

The recent mention re the use of food in slang terms reminds of a
couple of old slang terms used by black soldiers in the '50's and '60's
in (West) Germany, to wit:

Cheeseburger: a white American, especially a white G.I.

Hamburger: a black American, especially a black G.I.

The point of departure was the fact that, in olden times, as we said,
back in the day, the cheeseburger was considered to be a culinary
abomination peculiar to white America. Hence, it follows, as the night
follows the day, that we would  refer to ourselves as "hamburgers,"
under the assumption that the hamburger was the "opposite" of the

Cf. also the use of "kraut," based on sauerkraut, as a slang term for a
German used by white G.I.'s.

-Wilson Gray

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