Puchero, Spanish Chocolate (1840); Gofio, Mojo (1966)

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   I spotted this book on the shelf.  OED has 1841 for "puchero," but I've long since destroyed that.

by the late H. D. Inglis
Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard

Pg. 13:  On half-hour I employed in executing judgment upon the mosquitos (Pg. 14--ed.) that had tormented me during the night; another, in chatting with a dark eyed damsel of the inn, who was engaged in preparing the ingredients of the _puchero_, and in helping her to strip the _garbanzos_, the large peas so indispensable to a Spanish kitchen; but as it would yet be many hours before the _puchero_ could be ready, I took my hat and walked into the street, where, in a strange town, there is always something fresh to be seen.

Pg. 71:  *The following is the composition of Spanish chocolate: (Pg. 72--ed.) to six pounds of the nut, are added three pounds an a half of sugar; seven pods of vanillas; one pound and a half of Indian corn; half a pound of cinnamon; six cloves; one dram of capsicum; and a small quantity of musk.

Pg. 129:  "...but _la necesidad carece de lay_; necessity has no law."
   "'T is a proverb among all nations," said I.--"You are my guide, Mr. Barber--and to return you proverb for proverb, _Mas sabe el necio en su casa que el cuerdo en la agena_; every man knos his own business best."


GOFIO--21,400 Google hits, 1,840 Google Groups hits
GOFIO + CANARY--510 Google hits, 8 Google Groups hits
MOJO + CANARY--3,910 Google hits, 1,770 Google Groups hits

   OED does not have "gofio"?  No Canary "mojo"?  This is the "revised" OED?

mojo, n.3
    A sauce or marinade of Cuban origin, containing garlic, olive oil, sour oranges and (freq.) other citrus fruits.
  [1982 N.Y. Times 12 Dec. X. 18/4 Ladi's chefs produce some extremely tasty fish, shrimp and octopus dishes, either cold in salads or mojo (wet) in tomato and onion sauces.] 1983 N.Y. Times (Nexis) 20 Feb. X. 12/1 [Pork] is often served with a red or green pepper mojo sauce. 1986 Daily Express 8 Nov. 25/2 Papas Arrigados..is cooked in salt, wrinkling the skin then doused with a fiery garlic mayonnaise called mojo. 1991 Time 19 Aug. 60/2 Not-too-sweet, no-too-tart salsas, mojos and adobados based on local fruits are vital flavoring ingredients. 1997 Gourmet June 36/2, I therefore get..a fragrant splatter announcing the completion of a garlic-and-citrus mojo (the Cuban sauce for pork and lots of other things). 2000 N.Y. Mag. 3 Jan. 38/2 They share the ceviche sampler, the mussels deliciously perfumed with smoked tomato and garlic chips, seafood paellita, or a mammoth stuffed pork chop with sour-orange mojo.

Something You Didn't Know About Cajuns (Ilenos, Canary Islands)
... juice. It is descendant from the Canary Islands were there are hundreds
of MOJO recipes because the sauce originated there. IS MOJO ...
www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/764212/posts - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

   The following "Planeta Guide" is in a series on regions of Spain; unfortunately, NYU doesn't have all of them.
   You kind of knew that the NEW YORK TIMES (1982) would be beaten on this...Austin Powers has just told me that I shouldn't be giving OED my "mojo."

by A. Vazquez-Figueroa
Barcelona: Editorial Planeta

Pg. 30:
_Cuisine._  Canary cooking, with its various delicious, traditional dishes, deserves a section to itself in our guide-book.  It shows marked differences from the style of cooking on the mainland.
   We have already mentioned the food called _gofio_--a mixture of ground, roasted cereals--which formed the islanders' staple diet at the time of the conquest.  Although other types of food have now been added to their normal diet, _gofio_ continues to play an important role in it, combined with bananas, fish, soup, etc.  The traditional breakfast on grand Canary Island is a cup of milky coffee to which a few spoonfuls of _gofio_ have been added.
   Also typical of the Canary Islands are the following dishes: _mojo_ (_mojo picon_ or _mojo colorado_), which is a pungent sauce made with olive oil, vinegar, garlic, pepper, cumin seed, chillis and salt.  Another variation--the green _mojo_ (_mojo verde_)--substitutes parsley for pepper.
   The _puchero_, or stew, for special occasions is the one known as the "seven-meat stew," or "puchero de las siete carnes," consisting of pork, veal, beef, chicken, rabbit, partridge, and pigeon.
   Potatoes form an important part of the islanders' diet.  The well-known _papas arrugadas_ served with _mojo picon_ is one of their favourite dishes, and they occasionally make it even more appetizing with the addition of _viejas_, a delicious fish considered a delicacy on the Canary Islands.
   Another common dish is the _sancocho_, which consists of dried fish stewed with vegetables and beans, then sprinkled with _gofio_ and served with _mojo picon_.
   Also forming part of the islanders' traditional cooking are pickled partridges and sardines (_perdices y sardinas en escabeche_), veal liver with a sauce made of peppers, stuffed squids, etc.
   The various Spanish regional dishes as well as international cooking are also catered for, and beautifully served.

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