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Fred Shapiro fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU
Mon Jun 21 15:16:32 UTC 2004

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, George Thompson wrote:

> I believe I have posted before that my second-favorite quotation is from
> Herman Hickman, the early 1950s Yale football coach.  When asked one
> year what his hopes were for the his team, he said that they were the
> same as every year, that the team would play at least well enough to
> keep the alumni sullen but not mutinous.

I think I never found a good source for this.  Do you know of any?  Even a
reasonably early secondary source would be good.

I forget, what is your first-favorite quotation?  My favorite one
currently is Maureen Dowd's "Why is all this a surprise again? I know our
hawks avoided serving in Vietnam, but didnt they, like, read about it?"


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