(dis)agreement with "all politics is local"

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Jun 23 04:21:49 UTC 2004

>"refinery bottoms", "mine tailings", etc. The company seems right. (^_^)
>What about "polemics"? Or "histrionics"? Hmm, not so easy, at least for me.
True, for me those pretty much have to be collective plurals.   So I
guess it's not the availability of a singular, but the reference.  In
fact, I think "polemics" or "histrionics" if taken to mean the study
(rather than the practice) of argumentation or the science of how to
act over the top (rather than instances of doing so) would be
singular too--"Histrionics is one of my hardest subjects in drama


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