"Different Strokes for Different Folks" (Cassius Clay, 1966)

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Thu Jun 24 05:20:01 UTC 2004

   I think this newspaper is a recent addition to the database.  We had
previously discussed citations from 1967.

 Great Bend Daily Tribune   Friday, November 11, 1966 Great Bend, Kansas
...today with road DIFFERENT STROKES for DIFFERENT FOLKS." Clay, 24, A It's
paid.....Hutchinson. Garden City, Russell, AND Dodge City AND then only one..
Pg. 6, col. 8:
By Darrell Mack
United Press International
   HOUSTON (UPI)-- (...)
   But back to a la Bob Hope.  Clay, the comedian, said:
   --"I don't have any punch.  I just hit a man so many times he wished I had
a punch."
   --On knockout punches in the Liston, Floyd Patterson and Karl Mildenberger
fights:  "I bot (got?--ed.) different strokes for different folks."

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