"Ignorant" = "rude" a Scotticism?

Jim Parish jparish at SIUE.EDU
Thu Jun 24 09:18:06 UTC 2004

Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
> Here in Pittsburgh, "ignorant" is a word meaning
> "rude"/"impolite"/"ill-mannered". No, I don't mean in some borderline
> sense, like "ignorant of civilized norms" [although I suppose something
> like this was an ancestral/etymological sense] or "rude because of not
> knowing any better", I mean pretty much exactly synonymous with "rude" (as
> opposed to the usual "ignorant" = "not knowledgeable").

I've heard it used with this meaning here in the St. Louis metro area; I
don't know whether the people using it were native to the area, but I
strongly suspect so. I haven't heard it often, though.

Jim Parish

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