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Me too, as far as spelling goes, but they would be pronounced the same.  After all, KC and the Sunshine Band would "Shake your Booty." Never occured to me that it had a 'd'.
Fritz, another West Coaster.

>>> patty at CRUZIO.COM 06/23/04 12:39PM >>>
Hello folks - I always thought it was 'booty' not 'boody'.  I can't recall
any of my friends pronouncing this with a 'd' sound - we are on the west
coast.  I also have never associated 'up your booty' with 'vulva'/'sex'
only with 'ass'.  I have never heard of "plumber('s) split" before.


At 09:04 AM 6/23/04, you wrote:
> >"My boody and my cookie and my titi hurt."
>I don't know 'cookie' or 'titi' but in my boyhood 'boody'/'booty' was an
>exact equivalent of 'ass': e.g., "I got a piece of boody", "I'll kick
>boody", "Up your boody", etc., etc. -- that is, with the sense of
>'vulva'/'sex' as well as that of 'buttocks'/'anus'. I always assumed
>was a corruption of 'body'. It's still current, but I'm not sure of the
>exact sense usually. The song says "Shake your boody", doesn't it? What
>it -- precisely -- that one is being encouraged to shake?
>The word appears in Chapman's dictionary and in Spears'. Perhaps it is
>largely a 'black' word as Chapman indicates.
>-- Doug Wilson
>I learned both the word "boody" with almost all of the meanings
>supplied above in 1942, when I was in the first grade, i.e. "ass, butt,
>buttocks," etc. Since I was pre-adolescent, the sexual references meant
>nothing. For example, there was the rhyme:
>Wint downtown to see Miss Moody.
>Paid two cint to see her boody.
>Boody so black, couldn't see the crack.
>Axed Miss Moody for my two cint back.
>Although "crack" is ambiguous in this context, in the first grade, I
>understood it to refer uniquely to Miss Moody's butt crack.
>Note the implied self-hatred wrt skin color.
>BTW, has anyone else heard "plumber('s) split" used for ass/butt crack?
>-Wilson Gray

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