"fuck" in Wash Post

Orin Hargraves orinkh at CARR.ORG
Fri Jun 25 17:08:21 UTC 2004

Just a suggestion -- which would be very helpful to me, perhaps to others:
when the f-word or some other vulgarism is the subject of a thread or posting,
how about disguising it in the subject line: e.g., as "the f-word," or "f**k."
My ISP's spam filter (about which I have otherwise only the highest praise)
will not let things like this through when they appear in the subject line,
though it doesn't seem to care about the content. If I want to read anything
from such a thread I have to spring it from "Quarantine," which is unwieldly
and not always dependable. Thanks!

Orin Hargraves

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