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>and non-aviation terms  . .  .
>control freak (OED has 1977)
>Monte's Turn for the Big Time?
>New York Times; May 16, 1971; pg. D11 [cite from D16, col 6]
>"James Taylor has described Hellman as a "control freak"."

OED's 1977 cite, from Michael Herr's _Dispatches_, may actually date to
c1968.  Portions of what became _Dispatches_ first appeared in _New American
Review #7_, _Esquire_, and _Rolling Stone_ beginning in 1968, and this
section, "Airmobility, Dig It", is right near the beginning of the book.
(_The Mammoth Book of Journalism_ dates "Airmobility, Dig It" to 1967-68.)

--Ben Zimmer

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