Re: chicken-slang?

Lois Nathan LBNath88545112 at AOL.COM
Wed Nov 2 18:32:39 UTC 2005

OK, Larry, if you're right, your story is coherent.   Mine has a missing
link.   Maybe the text doesn't have the dimension I expected it to have.
However, the two other stanzas of the song are suggestive of possible drug-related
images (stanza 2) or are at least ambiguous (stanza 3) :
stanza 2 :
     There's a guy with a ticket to Mexico
     No, he couldn't look much stranger
     Walking in the hall with his things and all
     Smiling, said he was the Lone Ranger

(Mexico was well know for drug trafficking...and anyone looking strange and
claiming to be the Lone Ranger has got to be under some influence.)

stanza 3 :
     Hip woman walking on a moving floor
     Tripping on the escalator
     There's a man in the line
     And she's blowing his mind
     Thinking that he's already made her

("moving floor" is ambiguous : floors move to carry you somewhere OR they
don't really move, you just perceive them that way if you are under an influence.
  "Tripping on the escalator" is also ambiguous : falling or tripping as in
"on drugs".   Etc...

So, I was looking for coherence on that theme in the first stanza.   I
couldn't find any reference to "chicken" as drug slang, but I don't have easy access
to RHHDAS or OED.   But, perhaps there is none and the song isn't as coherent
as I would have liked.


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