Re: chicken-slang?

Lois Nathan LBNath88545112 at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 3 18:52:27 UTC 2005

Thanks, Russ, for sending the Arlo site.   It's interesting.   If Arlo really
said the chicken was airline food, either we can believe him or not.   Since
when is a text, launched to the public, the property of its writer?   And I'm
not sure the food/drug interpretations are mutually exclusive.   Maybe they
both work.   After all "chicken" does also seem to be documented as slang for
methamphetamine.    (See G. Cohen's post.)   In any case, if Arlo made a
reference that could be "ambiguous" in the song, why would he clarify it later?   It
seems at the time, and maybe not only at that time, that crystal clear drug
references did not always enhance diffusibility of the song.   I've read that
Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" was banned in some areas for explicit drug
     I thank everybody for their input.


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