Moon Pies

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Mon Nov 7 00:17:05 UTC 2005

St. Louis is not exactly Boston or Los Angeles, with respect to distance
from the South. However, I never heard of the Moon Pie till I buddied up in
the Army with a brother from North Carolina in the '50's. Even then, he
didn't have occasion to mention this culinary treat till we were roommates
in Los Angeles in the '60's. He refused to believe that I had never heard of
the thing, figuring that, if I didn't know it from St. Louis, I surely must
have known it from Marshall, Texas. 'Fraid not.


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> Natchurly another Straight Dope Message Board Question.
> You know, the marshmallow-filling-between-two-chocolate sides, round,
> mainly
> a Southern thang.
> I can find newspaper cites back to 1951. The company which holds the
> trademark registered the name in 1955, and claimed in their filing that it
> was first used in commerce in 1917. I really don't think that it was a
> trade name that early, since I can't find it before 1951. That's searching
> Newspaperarchive and Proquest Historical.
> My sainted mother, who grew up in Danville, VA. remembers them, but
> couldn't
> put a name to them. She was born in 1923.
> So, how early were they "moon pies" and what were they called before that?
> And what was the equivalent treat in the North?
> Sam Clements

-Wilson Gray

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