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Mon Nov 7 06:37:06 UTC 2005

Koontz indeed used to write science fiction.  He also wrote fantasy and
supernatural horror.  (Note:  I don't think "supernatural horror" is an
established term; but there are now horror novels without supernatural
elements.)  I would say that he's now his own genre.  Dean Koontz novels
commonly include elements from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and

There are genres which take things from science fiction but don't have
the feel of sf:  utopian fiction (which predates science fiction, but
currently is likely to have the look of sf), dystopian fiction,
techno-thrillers, survivalist novels.  There are also what might be
called cross-sub-genre novels which are basically mysteries with
vampires and werewolves as detectives, criminals, or both.

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