Club Sandwich & Atlantic City? (1900)

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Yes, we have 1894. But I have several New Jersey cites (Pennsylvania Club?), and that may be the origin. Saratoga (NY) also has a claim to the sandwich.

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle has a 26 Nov 1899 cite for "club sandwich".

N'Archive has a 17 Dec 1898 cite.

> Club Sandwich Rivals Hash.
> Boston Daily Globe (1872-1960). Boston, Mass.: Aug 5, 1900.
> p. 33 (1 page) ...
> _Club Sandwich Rivals Hash._
> ...
> An Atlantic City Hotel serves a club sandwich that is
> composed of broiled ham, cold chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise
> dressing between thin toast.
> ...
> This is one of the newest evolutions of a dish that promises
> to rival hash as a general mixing up of foods.
> ...
> The club sandwich began mildly as a sandwich of cold chicken
> and lettuce; then warm broiled bacon was added, which in turn
> gave way to ham.
> ...
> The addition of mayonnaise dressing with broiled ham seems
> rather startling, but under the mysterious influence of the
> toast, presumably, it has obtained a reputation among the
> hotel's patrons.
> --New York Sun.

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