ADS Annual Mtg. Program, Abstracts; New NADS

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Wed Nov 9 01:52:38 UTC 2005

[Resending because it looks like it didn't go through.]

The program and abstracts for the 2006 American Dialect Society
annual meeting, to be held in conjunction with the Linguistic Society
of American annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jan. 5-8, are
now available on the ADS web site.

Also available is the latest issue of the Newsletter of the American
Dialect Society (a.k.a. NADS--yes, newbies, we know what it means),
which incorporates the program and abstracts. It also includes an
open letter from Joan Hall and Michael Montgomery, an announcement of
Robert Bayley as PADS editor, DARE queries, and a bunch of book
blurbs from members.

Hard copies of NADS will be mailed to ADS members this week. Included
in those hard copies will be the ADS directory of members, including
mailing addresses. That directory is available online to members with
a password. Please email me for it.


Grant Barrett
administrator at
American Dialect Society VP of Comm and Tech

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