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Thu Nov 10 22:48:43 UTC 2005

Gwyneth Paltrow is one. So are Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Chances 
are your _bikram yoga_ 
(  teacher has the major  characteristics and so does 
the guy who makes your fruit smoothie at _Jamba Juice_ 
( .  <snip>  What is 
influencing Hollywood stars and Wal-Mart shoppers, fashionistas and  Filene’s 
basement-dwellers alike? It’s called metrospirituality, and chances are  you 
already know or even lead the life of a metrospiritual.  
Do you go out of your way to buy organic food? Have you thought about the _wu 
(  in your home? Have you tried  yoga, belly-dancing, or surfing 
recently? Are you attracted to traditional  crafts from other cultures or have 
you started knitting? Do you own a _Prius_ 
(  or have you thought about  buying a 
hybrid car? Are you a tea connoisseur or an organic wine- and  beer-drinker? Is 
there a certain aromatherapy scent that brings you comfort,  especially in 
candle form? If most of your answers are yes, then count yourself  among the 
growing numbers of metrospirituals—the kinder, gentler post-Yuppies  who want to 
treat the earth and native cultures with respect, connect with their  inner 
source and inspiration, test their bodies and expand their minds with  ancient 
physical practices—and do it all with serious style.  
"Metrospiritual" might be a recently coined term, as it only has 688 Google  
hits.  It's obviously a takeoff on "metrosexual". 
Another interesting term I just recently found is "exclosure".  From Don  
Sapatkin "Seeking an approach to growing deer herds" Philadelphia Inquirer,  
Saturday 5 November 2005 page A1 with jump to A2: 
"[page A2 column 2] The [deer] herd is now estimated at 1,400---about 15  
times the maxi-[column 3]mum that biologists believe the land can sustain before  
compromising forest regereration. 
Records indicate 100 car accidents caused by deer in  an average year.  
Birders report an absence of thrushes and warblers that  used to nest in shrubs and 
young trees.  Around the park, 10-foot fences  protect 30 "exclosures," areas 
that showcase what will grow inside (viburnum,  laurel) and out (almost 
"exclosure" has probably been around for a while---80,100 Google hits. 
-  James A. Landau 

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