Butterscotch (1854)

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Maybe someone can pay and try archive.scotsman.com for  "butterscotch."
_London  Butterscotch._
Chicago Daily Tribune (1847-1858).  Chicago, Ill.: Sep 25, 1854. p. 0_3 (1
page) :
This is the name of a species of candy, celebrated for the cure of coughs,
pulmonary affections, &c. It is of a remarkable pleasant flavor, and far
surpasses anything of the kind hitherto manufactured. It is for sale at  different
places in this city. The general agent is Charles Senyard.
butter-scotch (also  dial. butterscot), a kind of toffee, chiefly composed of
sugar and  butter;
1855 Whitby Gloss., *Butterscot, treacle ball, with an  amalgamation of
butter in it.
 1865  _M. E. BRADDON_
(http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-b3.html#m-e-braddon)  Sir Jasper XXVI. 260 The vendors  of toothsome *butterscotch were
blithe and busy.

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