jump = copulate with?

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> >I do not find "jump (vt) = copulate with" in OED2. When does it date
> >from? Chapman, 1995 (the only slang dictionary I have at home), says
> >"by 1638", but (as typical) without any direct and datable citation.
> >
> >Joel
> then there "jump X's bones".
> This reminds me--I just heard a line in a song referencing ashes and
> the hauling thereof. Does anyone have a more or less reliable story
> on how we get from "have/get one's ashes hauled" to the sexual
> reference, or vice versa? I googled my way to some suggestions and
> assertions, but none seemed especially convincing. (I confess I
> don't have my HDAS on me; maybe the answer lurks therein.)
> larry

And then there'e the old hip-hop tune, "Jump! Jump!," by Kris Kross, in
which "jump" means only "copulate" and not "copulate with." The same is true
of the old Cab Calloway tune, "The Jumpin' Jive."


-Wilson Gray

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