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For your information the punchboard -- I recall we called them tipboards
but I have forgotten -- I once owned had a slip on the back which
identified all of the winning spots so that the owner could remove them so
that no one could win. I haven't seen one for many years, and I suspect
they disappeared with the advent of scratch off lottery tickets which at
least give the sucker a better break.

Any woman willing in the words of my late friend Willy Pilcher "to give you
the best thing she had give" was called a punchboard back in southern
Illinois in the 1950s.

This reminds me of the term a friend of mine used for the local drive in
movie theater in Mountain View, Arkansas. Glenn called it the finger bowl,
but I suspect that he made up the term.

Page Stephens

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> Yes.  My aunt from Ogden, UT used to play them - in
> the 50's.  I haven't seen one in decades, but it's
> apparent from the replies to my inquiry that they are
> still around.
> --- "Mullins, Bill" <Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL> wrote:
> > Are you talking about the gambling device, where you
> > buy a chance, and
> > push out a slip of paper with a stylus?
> >
> > There is a great example of it being used in a short
> > con in the George
> > C. Scott movie "The Flim Flam Man".
> >
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