as such 'therefore'

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Nov 19 18:54:43 UTC 2005

At 10:19 AM -0800 11/19/05, Arnold M. Zwicky wrote:
>just came across "as such" 'therefore, as a result, and so' in
>Matt Adams, Hustlers, Escorts, and Porn Stars: The Insider's Guide to
>Male Prostitution in America (Las Vegas NV: Insider's Guide, 2nd ed.
>p. 36:  Many hustlers either live at home or live with roommates.  As
>such, many hustlers operate in alleys or back streets where they can
>perform their services in the front seat of the car or at a secluded
>outdoor area.  [i would have used a commas before the second "or",
>but that's not what i'm looking at here.
I had actually never encountered this before seeing it as an entry on
the AHD Usage Panel questionnaire.  Evidently this "as such" is now
officially a hot button issue in the prescriptive grammar wars.  (I
was agin it.)


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