Chinese Fire Drill (1945)

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One year earlier for the "Chinese fire drill."
RHDAS has 1952(Leon Uris).  They have an indirect cite from "1942-45"  which
has the same meaning but says "fouled up like a Filipino at  fire-drill."

>From June 5, 1946, The Coshocton(OH) Tribune, p.8 (the  sports page--ed.)

"As far as Burton was concerned, everything was fouled  up like a
Chinese fire drill as Hogan finished with his plus 51 to lead  Lloyd

     _Gazette And Bulletin_
(  _Tuesday,
October 09, 1945_ (
("chinese+fire+drill"+AND+cityid:33121+AND+stateid:77+AND+range:1753-1946)   _Pennsylvania_
...fouled up his speech like a CHINESE FIRE  DRILL In a short news broadcast

_The Monessen Daily Independent_
_Tuesday, January 09, 1945_ (
("chinese+fire+drill"+AND+cityid:19082+AND+stateid:77+AND+range:1753-1946)   _Pennsylvania_
eid:77+AND+range:1753-1946)   ...oil. They  fouled her up like a CHINESE FIRE
DRILL. while she  was after j  the..

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