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As a tot in the early '50s, my received pronuciation - it could only have come from old B-movies on Channel 13's _Western Round-Up_  - was "ro 'day o."

  At some early date I switched over to "'ro dee o," I think because other kids were ridiculing me. This was many years before I switched from "tomahto" to "tomayto," so the ridicule must have been frequent and reinforced by other TV westerns.


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FWIW, one commentator (DJ?) on NPR said Copland was
very emphatic that the ballet was titled /ro' dee o/,
not /ro day' o/.

--- Benjamin Zimmer

> "Judeo-" could be pronounced that
> way on the model of such foreignisms as "Galileo",
> "Montevideo", "Rodeo" (the
> Copland ballet), etc.
> --Ben Zimmer

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