Antedating of "Designated Hitter"

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Mon Nov 21 19:22:22 UTC 2005

"Don't Handicap Complete Player, Gallagher Warns," by Bob Burnes, _The
Sporting News_ February 15, 1961, p 2. col 5 (quote from p 4, col 2,
after the jump)

" "I can see the merit to the idea of having a designated hitter for a
very weak-hitting pitcher." "

> designated hitter (OED 1973)
> 1969 _N.Y. Times_ 1 Feb. 34 (ProQuest)  International
> League--A permanet pinch-hitter for the pitcher can be
> designated before the game. ... During the game the manager
> can change to another player as the designated hitter, in
> which case the original special hitter is out of the game and
> the new one takes over his duties.
> Fred Shapiro

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