Automated restaurant (1896) and Automat (1902); "Brownie" points

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Wed Nov 23 21:42:21 UTC 2005

I finally added this post. (See "Irving Berlin at the Automat, 1932" in
Wednesday's New York Daily News, Big Town Songbook, pg. 28;
( )
Google has introduced an "Automat" of a different kind.
OED lists 1903 for "Automat," and it's frequently stated that the first NYC
"automat" opened in 1912. Wrong and wrong.
The form "automat" is short for "automated restaurant," an  1896 product of
Berlin, Germany.
23 November 2005, New York Sun, pg. 19:
According to "The Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink," the term
"brownies" first appeared in 1896, but it referred to "a browned molasses  confection
containing no chocolate." The first cocoa-centric use of the term  appears to
have come in 1906, which means we're coming up on brownies'  centennial year.
(Write to editor at -- ed.)

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