"Eve's Pudding" poem (1829); Brown Betty (1851)

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BROWN BETTY--220,000 Google hits
EVE'S PUDDING--684 Google hits
I went to my cousin's wedding today. Almost every food that was served was  
something that I'd researched. I told Angie that we'd better elope.
For dessert was an apple crumb dish that we thought was "Brown  Betty." 
"Brown Betty" was also the name of a horse in the early 1800s. 
In the course of researching "Brown Betty," I looked at "(Mother) Eve's  
Pudding." (Not in OED, of course. That's why they pay me millions.)
The 19th century "Eve's Pudding" poem appears to be a nice discovery and  
should join the other historical "food poems" that I've posted here.
Brown Betty chiefly U.S., a baked  pudding containing apples and breadcrumbs;
1864 Yale Lit. Mag. XXIX. 187 (Th.), [In training,] tea, coffee,  pies, and ‘
*brown Betty’ must next be sacrificed. 1911  _S. E. WHITE_ 
(http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-w2.html#s-e-white)  Bobby Orde (1916) x. 126 It was  the 
season of..apple-tapioca and Brown Betty. 1948  _‘J.  TEY’_ 
(http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-t.html#j-tey)   Franchise Aff. xv. 164  Brown-betty 
with thick cream.
(PROQUEST)("Brown Betty")
_Other  1 -- No Title_ 
Lady's Home Magazine (1857-1860).  Philadelphia: Jul 30, 1858. p. 0_1 (2 
Title: The improved housewife, or  Book of receipts; with engravings for 
marketing and carving. By a married lady  ...
Author:  Webster, A L Mrs.
Publication  Info: Hartford: [Stereotyped by R.H.  Hobbs], 1851.

Collection: Making of  America Books 
_Page  216_ 
2 matches of "brown  betty"
_Mother  Eve's Pudding._ 
D D M. Ohio  Cultivator (1845-1866). Columbus: Apr 1, 1860. Vol. 16, Iss. 7; 
p. 111 (1  page) 
_Mother Eve's  Pudding._
If you'd have a good pudding,  observe what you're taught;
Take two new-laid eggs, be sure  they're the right sort,
And of the same fruit Mother Eve  once has chosen,
Well pared and well shopped, at  least half a dozen;
Six ounces of bread, (give pussy  the crust,)
The crumbs must be grated as  small as the dust;
Six ounces of currants, from the  stones you must sort.
Lest they break out your teeth,  and spoil all your sport;
Five ounces of sugar won't make  it too sweet,
Some salt and some nutmeg the  mess will complete;
Three hours let it boil, without  hurry or flutter,
And then serve it up without  sugar or butter.
_Allen Co._
D. D. M.
N.B. -- In the process of  cooking, we should hope the poetry would all boil 
out of this pudding, so as not  to b(illegible) in eating it! -- ED.
     _Delaware Advertiser And Farmers Journal_ 
Ymrz)  _Thursday, December 03, 1829_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search=)  _Wilmington,_ (http://www.newspap
erarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="eve's+pudding"+AND+cityid:33186+AND+stateid:22)   _Delaware_ 
...ex- cellence  of its Daily Mvertiicr. EVE'S PUDDING. GOOD RULES AND  MAXIMS..
Pg. 1, col. 1:
As it is now so much more fashionable for ladies to  make poetry than 
puddings, I have feared that unless the following were  something beside plain prose, 
it would receive no notice from your readers,  although it posses so much 
excellence of it's own. -- _Boston Daily  Advertiser._
If you want a good pudding mind what you are  taught--
Take of eggs six in number when bought for a  groat;
The fruit with which Eve her husband did cozen,
Well pared and well chopped, at least half a  dozen;
Six ounces of bread, let Moll eat the crust,
And crumble the rest as fine as the dust;
Six ounces of currants from the stem you must  sort,
Lest you break out your teeth and spoil all the  sport,
Six ounces of sugar won't make it too sweet,
Some salt and some nutmeg will make it complete,
Three hours let it boil without any flutter,
But _Adam_ won't like it without wine and butter.
_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=24&PageNum=302)  (Image 302) 
from _Directions  for Cookery, in its Various Branches._ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_12.cfm)  By _Leslie,  Eliza._ 

_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=60&PageNum=348)  (Image 348) 
from _Jennie  June's American Cookery Book_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_28.cfm)  By _Croly,  Jane Cunningham._ 

_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=13&PageNum=353)  (Image 353) 
from _Mrs.  Lincoln's Boston Cook Book_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_37.cfm)  By _Lincoln,  Mary Johnson._ 

_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=27&PageNum=277)  (Image 277) 
from _Practical  Cooking and Dinner Giving_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_32.cfm)  By _Henderson,  Mary F._ 

_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=59&PageNum=87)  (Image 87) 
from _Presbyterian  Cook Book_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_29.cfm)  By _First  Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio._ 

_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=28&PageNum=270)  (Image 270) 
from _Miss  Parloa's New Cook Book_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_36.cfm)  By _Miss  Parloa._ 

_Eve's  Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=4&PageNum=33)  (Image 33) 
from _The  Cook Not Mad_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_07.cfm)  By _Author  unknown._ 

_Eve's  Pudding (the best kind)_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=51&PageNum=147)  (Image 147) 
from _Miss  Beecher's Domestic Receipt Book_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_18.cfm)  By _Beecher,  Catharine Esther._ 

_Mother  Eve's Pudding_ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/display.cfm?TitleNo=48&PageNum=154)  (Image 154) 
from _The  Complete Cookナand With General Directions for Making Wines._ 
(http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/html/books/book_23b.cfm)  By 
_Sanderson,  J.M._ 


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