Twofer: False Acronym PLUS Etymological Fallacy !

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Sat Nov 26 21:51:04 UTC 2005

> > On _Fox & Friends_ this morning:
> >
> >   First High-Paid Anchor Guy :  To be accurate, "tips" stands for "To
> > Insure Proper Service." So going by that, you should really give the tip
> > *before* you eat.
> >
> >   Second High-Paid Anchor Guy :  That's right.
> Well, one does have to admit that the logic is impeccable. Hey, wait a
> minute! Shouldn't that be "prompt" service? No wonder it strikes you as
> strange, Jon! <I do but jest> BTW, I don't have an opinion on
> that question
> re Leadbelly's pronunciation. I'm sorry that I didn't reply sooner.

Actually, the logic is flawed. Once the tip is paid, the waiter has no more
incentive. The possibility of withholding the tip is (allegedly) what
insures prompt/proper service.

--Dave Wilton
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