Cyber Monday; "Hot Dog" coined in 1903 (this time)

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CYBER MONDAY--72,300 Google hits
"Cyber Monday" is not in my Double Tongued Word Wrester list of new words.
Maybe Grant's waiting for Monday.
The term--a "Black Friday" derivative--sounds silly to me.
_Holiday sales to get push on 'Cyber Monday'_
Boston Globe, United States -   <NOBR>18
... Cyber Monday, the  term coined for the Monday after Thanksgiving, comes
on the heels of the  busy Black Friday shopping day when many brick-and-mortar
retailers ...
_Online retailers await 'Cyber Monday'_
(  <NOBR>New Zealand
( )
Black Friday, the day after _Thanksgiving_
(  in the _United States_ (
, is historically one of the busiest retail _shopping_
(  days of the year. Many consider it the "official" beginning
to  the holiday season. Most retailers will open very early.
Black friday is the day many retailers are thought to become profitable,
going from "the red," to "the black;" hence the name. However, employees of
retail stores have for years used the term in a _satirical_
(  way, to note the  extremely stressful and hectic nature of
the day.
Although Black Friday is typically the busiest shopping day of the year in
terms of customer traffic, it is not typically the day with the highest sales
volume. That is usually either _Christmas Eve_
(  or the last  _Saturday_ (
  before _Christmas_ ( .
( ]
Green Friday
Some larger retailers, such as _Toys R Us_
( , _Target Corporation_
( ,  and _Best  Buy_ ( , refer to Black
Friday as Green Friday. Green in this case is a  reference to the color of the
_United States  dollar_ ( .
Since other major events that have black in their title are  overwhelmingly
negative, this could be an effort to downplay the hectic, chaotic  nature of
the day.
( ]
Cyber Monday
Online retailers are beginning to refer to the Monday after Thanksgiving as
"Cyber Monday" in response to the overwhelming online shopping boom that
typically occurs._[1]_
(   This is gaining ground with both online-only
retailers as well as those who run  catalogs or brick-and-mortar stores. Most
of these online retailers are running  sales similar to those that are seen on
Black Friday, though they generally run  through the weekend and culminate on
the night of Cyber Monday. The increase in  online shopping is expected to
boost online holiday spending to $18 billion this  season, an increase of 25
percent since 2004.
<NOBR>Yeah, "hot dog" was coined  in
<NOBR>Newspapers must have no  editors or Google capa these days.
For all the history buffs, the first recorded mention of the term hot dog was
 in 1903. H.L. Mencken, the author and lexicographer, determined that the
first  person to heat the roll and add mustard and relish was Harry Stevens,
concessionaire at the old Polo Grounds in New York, where yesterday's Giants
As for the term itself, hot dog, it was coined by Tad Dorgan, the celebrated
sports cartoonist in the pre-World War I days.
One of these times they are going to serve hot dogs in the intermission at
the opera. Maybe it will be a Wagnerian opera. You know what they say about a
Wagnerian opera? They say a Wagnerian opera begins at 8:30, and three hours
later it is 9 o'clock.

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