"Money on women, booze...the rest I just squandered" (1974)

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>  What does Fred Shapiro have for this quote? Did the late soccer great
> George
> Best coin it, or just repeat it?

Traphes Bryant  with Frances Spatz Leighton_Dog Days at the White House_  New
York: Macmillan, 1975.  Following quote is from the Pocket Books paperback
edition, ISBN 0-671-80533-0 page 139.  Describing LBJ's brother Sam Houston
<begin quote>
Once when Sam Houston arrived at the White House and showed signs he had been
hitting the bottle pretty heavily, LBJ commented to me sadly, "I just don't
know about him. He studied law, women, and booze and hasn't made a success of
any of them."
<eng quote>

Bryant does not give a date for this quotation, but it obviously was made
while LBJ was in the White House (1963-69).

OT: another LBJ quote, from page 140 "The fact that dogs haven't given up on
humans completely and still make people their friends shows there must be some
hope for the human race."

             - James A. Landau

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