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> >I asked my son (raised in New Jersey since age 2) how to
> >pronounce  "rodeo".
> >He said it was /RO dee o/, and /ro DAY o/ "is the street in  California."
> >
> >        - James A. Landau
> >
> Clearly, he's a most precocious child, with knowledge and understanding
> beyond his years
My son (who is now 22 and working full-time as a reporter for a weekly
newspaper in the Philadelphia suburbs) was much flattered by your comment, but
modestly refers you to the movie "Mighty Ducks 2" wherein there apparently was a
discussion of "rodeo".

Among other reportorial duties he recorded the following thought-provoking
"...we don't believe what we do is simply a charitable benefit for people we
provide housing for.  What we do is ultimately to the benefit of the entire
community.  We feel economic diversity is good for a community "

               - James A. Landau

PS: according to today's Parade magazine, inside front cover
"Q.  Last year, Denzel Washington siad he was planning a film aboutr a black
college professor in Marshall, Tex.  Is it still in the works? ---Peggy Gray,
Aurora, Colo.  [no statement about whether Peggy Gray is related to H. WIlson
A.  Yes.  Washington, 50, will direct and produce _The Great Debaters_, about
Melvin TOlson of WIley COllege, whose debate team challenged and beat USC,
the 1935 U.S. champs. (Black schools could not compete officially for the

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