Horse v. mule

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Tue Nov 29 12:25:49 UTC 2005

Yeah, but I also thought there was a Model T in it.  It must be in somebody else's version. Thanks for the correction.


Benjamin Zimmer <bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU> wrote:
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Quoting Benjamin Zimmer :
> Quoting Wilson Gray :
> > Yes, that's what I had in mind, especially if it contains the phrase, "Fie
> > on thy cuckold face," by which the wife introduces her explanations of what
> > her husband thinks he sees. Actually, there are two other blues songs that
> > are closer than the two that I previously cited. In one, the man starts out
> > by asking, "Whose muddy shoes under my bed where my shoes used to be?"
> > There's another one that 's almost a rewrite of the Brit original, but I
> > can't track it down at the moment.
> This one?
> -----
> Jones, Coley
> Drunkard's Special
> Dallas, 6 Dec. 1929

Whoops, sorry-- Jonathan mentioned that one already in his post. Carry on.

--Ben Zimmer

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