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My result:

"You definitely have a Boston accent, even if you think you don't. Of course,
that doesn't mean you are from the Boston area, you may also be from New
Hampshire or Maine."

I don't say 'larr' for 'law,' though. The quizn't delve into regionalisms such
as Nawth Shaw vs. South Shoo-ah, where 'Lord' is heard as 'lwad' in the
Lawrence, and 'laud' on the Cape (the original 'Bay Area,' btw.)

Lastly question 8 poses a bit of a puzzler (pron: 'puzz-la') for doze huv us
wit' Quebec roots, tabarnac:

8. [] ...what do you think about "Mary," "merry," and "marry"?
- All 3 sound different
- Mary and merry sound the same but marry is different from them
- All 3 sound the same

For French Canucks, they'd probably say that 'Mary' and 'merry' rhyme, (meh-)
but 'marry' starts with 'mae-' (that a/e thing I dont have on this keyboard.)


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