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Westerners, most Canadians, some Midlanders, some Southerners, many
New Englanders, many African Americans -- ain't no hope for the
cot-caught distinction. Now you all know how I feel about
horse-hoarse and which-witch.

"Accent" is usually the term among dialectologists reserved for the
phonetic-phonological aspects of dialect or "dialect pronunciation."
"Foreign accent" or the name of the L1 (e.g., "French accent")
usually keeps this clear. I ain't real fond of it since 'accent' for
stress is also around.


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>Someone said to think of "accent" as being from a non-native English speaker
>and "dialect" being from a native English talker.
>Apparently it's the westerners who are doing the "merging" of vowels here.
>There are a lot of westerners getting into the media and that is creating a
>lot of ah-dropping.  Not good.
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>>Subject:      online accent quiz
>>for those of you who can't remember where you're from but do remember
>>how you pronounce your vowels...
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